Hello! As scary as it is for me to admit, I've been active in the creative services industry since the early 90s. I won't say I've seen it all, but I sure have seen a lot. I've met countless deadlines, navigated an ocean of snafus, and have worked with — and managed — every kind of personality. And I have had plenty of fun along the way!

A seasoned and service-oriented Marketing & Advertising production specialist with design, strategy, and technology experience, I strive to bring an empathetic, upbeat, and friendly demeanor and a deep appreciation for process and efficiency to every project I am involved with. Delivering concurrent projects on time and within budget through effective planning and performance management is second nature, while also cultivating trusted relationships with strategic stakeholders and team members.

Away from the MacBook I enjoy camping with the family, spinning vinyl, comics & cards, and obsessing over my Classic Range Rover.

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